We are committed to doing our part to give back more than we take. What we do today, impacts our children tomorrow. That is why our approach to responsibility aims to reduce our environmental impact and increase our social commitments without compromising on the safety and quality of our products.

We are proud to be transparent and understand that it is our responsibility to strive to always do better.


Our packaging is functional, modest and sourced to reduce our environmental impact. We use recycled medical-grade amber glass bottles to reduce exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals that can negatively impact your fertility. Glass is non-toxic and infinitely recyclable.

We post our products in cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable. Our marketing material is from recycled paper. 

We are working with a supply chain who share the same sentiments of ethical & sustainable practices. Working together to minimise our carbon footprint. 

We manufacture in Sydney, Australia and then warehouse and distribute from our Sydney based 3PL only 18kms part.


Our capsules are 100% plant-based and the green colour is derived from chlorophyll.

It’s a vegan cellulose capsules. Chlorophyllins provide natural green colorant with good thermal and light stability

The dark colour help protects our photosensitive active ingredients.


Our mission is to empower people to have choices so we can build a life full of passion and purpose.

We believe that age should not solely dictate choices, and choices are the key to independence, and independence provides freedom of choice.

We want to inspire people to think differently about their daily routines and help them to make small changes which can positively impact their health and fertility alongside our environment. For example swapping plastics for glass and using non-toxic cleaning products. 

Small changes can have a big impact. 


CO-ENZYME+ is a complementary medicine listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), which is governed by Australia's regulatory authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The TGA is Australia’s government authority responsible for evaluating, assessing and monitoring products that are defined as therapeutic. They monitor and enforce where necessary, compliance with the legislation, regulations and rules for therapeutic goods: import, manufacturing, advertising, supply and export.

The TGA safeguards the health of the Australian and International community through effective and timely regulation and monitoring of therapeutic goods.


As a new and growing company, we are committed to exploring ways to work, collaborate, communicate, listen and understand a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives. We celebrate question-asking and understand that shifting perspectives is needed for us to uphold our ethos of responsibility.

We are committed to investing in long-term partnerships with those who share our values. Constantly assessing and improving our practices to maintain ethical and sustainable products of the highest standard.


We endeavour to contribute to closing the gap on inequality for women in the workplace. We enable our team to take time out to care for a child and support our parents through every stage of the journey. As a small business, we believe this is the first step to normalising this type of culture and hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.