How do I know if CO-ENZYME+ is working?

How do I know if CO-ENZYME+ is working?

Well, if your eggs and sperm could talk! 

But they can’t so here’s how you will know if CO-ENZYME+ is working:
♂︎ If you are a male, sperm production occurs daily. For all your swimmers to be completely new and to experience the full benefits of CO-ENZYME+, please allow 72 days.
♀ For females, its take 90 day for an oocyte (egg) follicle to mature and be ready for fertilisation. It’s important for this reason that CO-ENZYME+ is taken for a minimum for 3 months and continued until egg retrieval or pregnancy is achieved for best results.

You may have noticed you have more energy. This is one of the first signs that CO-ENZYME+ is working its magic. 

You’ve like heard us talk about the importance of the mitochondria for fertility. Well, the mitochondria are where ENERGY is made. If you are feeling more energised, it’s not in your head! 
Here are some of the other benefits you may experience: 
  • Better skin integrity/structure and skin
  • regeneration 
  • Improved cognitive function/mental function
  • Healthy immune system function 
  • Increase hair growth and health
  • Nail strength and thickness increased
  • For female, more regular menstrual cycles, and
  • improvement in cycle length

Always read the label and follow directions of use.